About Us

Born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, Mark had a strong desire to cook at the very tender age of six. His mother often shares the story of the day she found him in the kitchen with the pots and pans, covered with flour and rice, attempting to create his very first meal for his family. As the years went by, Mark’s love for cooking intensified. He migrated to New York City in the early 1980’s, and was known to prepare large pots of Jamaican dishes for his family and friends on a daily basis. There was alway something special about his meals that kept them coming back for more. In 1999, Mark relocated to Florida and began working as a technician for a large company. He continued to cook! He began creating natural juices and small meals. He established Natuurlik Natural Juices. Many years later he decided to break away from corporate America, and take his dreams to another level. In 2017, he built his first food truck and created, Natuurlik Vegan Food Truck. He found his perfect niche! A year and a half later, he added a food tailer to Natuurlik. The pandemic caused his business to take a new direction. After being fully booked to watching event planners cancel every last one of his events. Mark realized that although it was his business, he still had very little control of its day to day happenings. At that point he decided that the best way to meet his customers’ needs was to open a Natuurlik brick and mortar restaurant…and that’s exactly what he did! August 2021, the very first Natuurlik brick and mortar restaurant will open its doors in Boynton Beach, Florida.